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What Is The Temperature Of A Visi Cooler?

What Is The Temperature Of A Visi Cooler?

Conventional refrigeration is not enough for the Visi Cooler. Its dual function is to preserve perishables like dairy, drinks, and exotic veggies perfectly refrigerated while presenting them in all their beauty, thanks to its clear glass doors. It is perfect for companies with limited floor space since it optimizes vertical space, making horizontal equipment unnecessary.

What are the types of Visi coolers?

Visi Coolers come in a range of configurations to meet diverse retail needs:

Compact Single-Door Models: Ideal for boutique boutiques, corner stores, and other little retail establishments.

Mid-Range Double-Door Models: Made for bigger retail spaces, such as major grocery shops and supermarkets.

High-Capacity Triple-Door Models: Perfect for large-format retailers and hypermarkets.

What is the capacity of a Visi cooler?

There are two capacity options available for the single-door models: 372 liters and 657 liters. Double-door VISI coolers with a capacity of 945 liters are available. Eco-friendly refrigerants have been discovered to be used in these kinds of coolers.

What is the temperature of a Visi cooler?

The temperature range is +2°C to +8°C. Packing milk and milk-based goods like cheese, paneer, butter, lassi, and packaged drinking water, together with soft drinks, cakes, pastries, packed veggies, and beers and juices, are all good candidates for storage in Visi Coolers.

What is better—a refrigerator or Visi cooler?

In the end, the particular storage and display needs will determine whether to choose a refrigerator or a Visi cooler. A refrigerator is the best option for the long-term storage of perishable food products. It is the best choice for preserving food quality and safety because of its insulated construction, reliable temperature control, and energy-saving features. A Visi cooler is the recommended option for non-perishable item storage and display in commercial environments. It is perfect for spur-of-the-moment purchases and driving up sales because of its open-front design, simple visibility, and reduced size. Though they still use more energy than refrigerators, Visi coolers now come in more energy-efficient varieties thanks to technological developments.

In what manner is it appropriate to clean a Visi cooler or refrigerator?
It’s important to clean your refrigerator or Visi cooler regularly to preserve its functionality and cleanliness. Aim for once-a-monthly cleanings of the external and interior surfaces. Furthermore, as advised by the manufacturer, clean the condenser coils and replace the air filter, if necessary.

Conclusion: The Visi Cooler improves the shop experience tremendously and is more than simply an appliance. It is a strategic asset. It offers a comprehensive cooling solution for contemporary retail areas by fusing visual appeal with functionality. A Visi Cooler is a one-stop shop for all of your modern retail needs, from improving visibility to maximizing sales and supporting efficient inventory management. Any retail business may profit from the immediate and long-term gains that come with investing in a Visi Cooler because of its many features and benefits. Getting a Visi Cooler for your store is like adding a multi-talented rockstar. One should get a Visi Cooler to maximize their sales in a cheap and effective way.


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